Ultimate Consciousness

From Pain, Fear, Anger to Joy, Love & Peace

A powerful course using simple techniques that enable you to leave the pain you are in now, move with awareness and the courage to progress into loving yourself. That’s a pretty darn good value to have – no matter your age!


 Modules, Mentorship sessions, group or individual…

Awareness is the first step – a necessary means…

Learning the basics of self:

  • Vibrations, Atoms and Molecules (don’t worry kindergarden chemistry 101)
  • Meditation
  • Self Talk

Self – Kindness to Me, with Me, for Me

Learn to feel forgiveness, starting with courage, acceptance and reason.  Loving to be free every day lighter, brighter, faster and in peace

  • Become Extra Ordinary
  • Gain Self Esteem – and it’s far from what you think, I can assure you!
  • Plants, their value is inestimable – just a quick poem to give you an insight
  • Energy levels and types

Everything vibrates at a frequency for a reason.

Imagine everyday momentum building and you get to vibrate at a higher level, and a higher level, encore… Having joy fill the whole room, house, office… You can shine freely and brightly. You now have choice for your destiny

  • Vibrate at higer levels
  • Always be connected to source
  • You are beautiful, enough, and you are love.
  • Agree with your higher self and master these 4 concepts
  • Become unfu^kwithable
  • Love and intentions – trust and faith

To live your best life you shall travel up the path leaving behind shame, guilt, apathy and move up towards love, joy, gratitude and ultimate consciousness.  This done via modules that really do mean hard work on your part, I can guarantee that it is worth the work, what is worth the work? Peace of mind, fulfilment and joy, love, gratitude, peace of mind – did I mention that??!!

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