Meditation, Mind & Ultimate Consciousness – My take on it all….

After many years of meditation I come to the conclusion that the aim of meditation is to bring you back to source. It’s as simple as that.

Hear me out for a second…

All the benefits of meditation get you to where you were as a child. Full of love, carefree skipping in the puddles, always learning and constantly wide eyed with no hangups.

What were you like as a child?

  • Were you inquisitive?
  • In your own little world?
        • Preparing tea?
        • Making doll’s houses, dolls clothes…
        • Playing vet?
        • Playing surgeon on your toys?
        • Dressing up – in Mum’s clothes when she’s out is best!!
        • In Mum’s going out shoes too;
        • Or Dad’s football shoes, hunting boots, golfing shoes…
  • Basking in love,
        • joy,
        • laughter
  • Learning to ride bicycles, climbing trees,
  • Your only bad thing was actual cruelty
        • killing insects,
        • ripping leaves off trees…
        • so you got 1st hand experience of what cruelty was like…
  • Learning social étiquette with your siblings, cousins, friends at home and at school…

What I am trying to do here is take you back there so that you can get to feel like that again, Can you???

It took me a very long time for the little girl I had lost to come out and play. Many crying sessions, fear was omnipresent and she was in a bad state, not sure if she should come out at all after all that I had done to her!!!

Meditation, Mind & Ultimate Consciousness in that order if you please!

First off meditation allows you to actually get those feelings back, it allows for your subconscious to connect to your consciousness without you even having to do more than sit for 20 minutes (recommended) and think of nothing. How you find your way to meditate is up to you I have suggested a couple of ways that worked for me and some of my friends too but please if this is not a fit for you then by all means Google it, YouTube it I mean come on we do live in the 21st century now.

If at first you can’t sit still for that length of time I suggest a guided meditation that way you don’t see the time pass and your mind is occupied doing meditative stuff and not wondering all over the shop!!!

From my perspective I say that persistence is key – every day is a must for it to kick in as a habit. Then it does not matter if you can’t do the whole 20 mins because you did not hear the alarm this morning but sit and do 2 mins is better than nothing, trust me.

It is also recommended to have a set place where you do your meditation and for ages I did not understand why until the Dalai Lama said in his book that this gives your cells, your body a memory of what it is supposed to do here – sit in silence and relax – ok got it. So even those days when you have a shorter time, your body will know what to do and can start straight away.

So Meditation,  takes care of the Mind and the mind takes you to your Ultimate Consciousness energy level. This is a process and this is why it is always better to use a system that you can just plug into, going through it makes you sure that at least you’re moving in the right direction. I’ve always had mentors to guide me – how else would you get out into the light? So I highly recommend my courses, as I really was in a bad state and can assure you I started at shame, guilt… and thanks to my hard work and mentors I was able to move up the scale…. It is also due to my digital knowhow that I am able to present these to you in digital format – again years of labour here to provide you with the best of the best… click in the image to get to see the modules pages 😉

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