So there you are in anguish.

What does that mean exactly?

Anguish – me?

The word anguish comes from the Latin (plural) angustia ‘tightness’ ‘straits, distress’ & latin (singular) angustus    ‘narrow’.  This for me makes the definition more understandable to me – for in anguish you are feeling slightly narrow & tight more than stressed out really.  It is the feeling that you are tightly squashed in that makes you have those different flight or fright symptoms and because you feel trapped physically you can not move that you begin to get ‘stressed’ 

Anguish – Stress?

“Stress” is the pressure or tension exerted on a material object but for us humans – a state of emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. Not really what I feel in anguish.

What is emotional strain or tension?  This one would think, well I thought, relates to the ego me, the ego self but tis not so. In anguish, as emotions are involved it relates to the inner, psychic, psychological, of the heart.

So we are feeling in narrow tightness from the heart – that is anguish.

Anguish – emotions – thus heart ?

And the heart will only feel in narrow straights if it is thoroughly wronged to its core. Again this is all in the mind. What can wrong you if you are being compassionate and feeling the other?  So Anguish The mis interpretation of the other possibly? I found myself in this very situation of anguish.

Anguish – emotions – thus anger ?

I was so upset that I had wrongly read the person that the anger took over my anguish.

You can only really loose your temper completely with such loved ones, if you get anguished in a business meeting you may feel flustered but you will not flare up.  Believe it or not I am a dragon in the Chinese astrological animal signs, and when I discovered this it did explain some of my ‘features’, like flaring up. Believe you me when I’m in anguish or out of sorts I try to burn everyone should they touched what I considered to be my gold!  This does not excuse the fact that because I feel anguished I flare up at all but it does explain (to me at least) why I have such a problem with it. My rabbit sister goes into her hole the minute some ‘nasty’ phenomena occurs and she may feel anguished…

Anguished – emotions – & apologies ?

So being of this dragon disposition, I try and counter my reactions when in anguish, as best I can with the aptitude to be quick to apologise…

Over the years I have come to control this anguish more and more and even though it flares up now and again, I try and leave the scene, sort it out in my head and come back a better person with a ‘I am so sorry’ I’ll take responsibility and a plan to move forward.

How to cope then with anguish ?

Breathing has been my best immediate tactic for my strategy is not to loose my cool in any situations – a full flight red dragon is not only an frightful sight to behold, it is also an gruesome experience to live through and come out the other side!

Strategy wise I aim for a meditation practice daily!

How do you cope? Drop your comments below on how you cope with anguish.

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